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January 21, 2015


One of the most surprising plants that we grew over the summer seasons was our first attempt at growing luffa. What a LONG growing season.  Just 2 sLuffa_04eeds in a 6 inch pot grew vines clear across our screen room at least 15-20 feet. When we left the end of sept for 3 weeks we didn’t have a single flower. We returned the end of October to find lovely yellow flowers all over the vines.Luffa_03 While we were gone it had rained almost every day. In short order we had little zucchini looking fruits. A friend of ours from Guyana came and picked a few and said at that stage they are good to eat????? They grew like weeds and ended up looking like watermelons hanging on vines all over the trellis even up on the roof. What a hoot! Talk about a conversation starter. In December we started picking a few pulling the ends off and beating the dickens out of them inside a 5 gallon bucket to collect the seeds. Now we are proud owner of homegrown luffa seeds. After drying we have planted 14 seeds in each of 3 pots. The reason we chose 3 Luffa_02pots was 3 different fruits with the seeds different colors some completely black. One group black and white and the third group mottled. So far it doesn’t seem to matter the color of the seeds (which I’m sure denotes maturity) because each pot has 4 new plants… Maybe as weather warms up more germination will take place. Ahhh the mystery of life continues!!!Luffa_01

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