Winter Garden Update

December 30, 2014

Tower Garden

It ‘s winter in zone 9b (80 degrees?) and we have been busy trimming and dividing plants and starting and harvesting our winter garden.
I am learning more and more of tower gardening.   At first I didn’t like. I am a hands on person and it seemed just not much involvement. But with time and learning to daily watch for bugs check ph, and keep track of nutrients starting to be a challenge. I love a challenge.

This fall a wild peahen adopted our garden. She had 2 babies. Well she didn’t seem to bother anything so we didn’t discourage her. Then out of blue mom and one of babies vanished. The last baby has continued to hang around and now she is getting quite large. We bought her wild game bird food. Now she shows Tower Gardenup every am and sits in her dish and honks for room service. If we drag our feet she comes up to screen room and honks. We named her goober. Thoroughly enjoying her visits.

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